• Commercial Photography

    It has been a pleasure to photograph this building. Such a grand old structure with so much character which has been restored, adapted, modernised and improved. The job has been carried out with skill ensuring the integrity of the original building. These photographs were requested by the client to add to his portfolio of works.



  • Interior Photography

    Here the client has requested that the imagery lean towards a more creative representation of the interiors of these offices, whilst still displaying how the office design incorporates the use of colour and imagery to reinforce the company branding and ethos. These photographs are intended for use on website.



  • Harrow Leisure Centre 40th Birthday

    What a great day full of free fun and activities for the local community! And how old does it make me feel, I can't believe Harrow Liesure Centre is 40 years old. I have many fond memories of spending school holidays at the outdoor pool. And winters hanging at the roller disco! I was able to bring my kids along to get involved in the fun. Good time had by all.

    The Harrow Mayor and some local counicllors were also there to mark the occasion. From the clients perspective they wanted a record of the day, images to pass onto press, and images to show all company branding and signage where possible.



  • Luna's Little Stars Firewalk

    Congratulations to all you firewalkers and your supporters!

    The atmosphere and energy was blazing hot!!!

    What a lovely summers evening and a great group of people raising money for a special charity, Luna's Little Stars who give hope and grant wishes to children with terminal brain tumours. To find out more about what they do and future upcoming events click here: http://www.lunaslittlestars.co.uk/



  • Head Shots /Corporate Portraits Mojo Mums

    As I've become more involved with social media, what I have come to notice is, what a huge difference a professional photo makes to your business profile image. Whilst the need for a professional image on your website is pretty much recognised all over. It would appear that many have failed to recognise the neccessity for a professional image on your profile picture on your various social media.

    Its time to take a look people. What says to most people, this looks like a professional person who I would want to do business with:

    a.) profile pic of dude swigging from his beer bottle

    b.) profile pic of lady pouting into camera in her evening wear

    c.) profile pic of a cat

    d.) no profile pic

    e.) profile pic of an individual shot in a relaxed style, looking professional

    Its a no brainer right?

    Here's what the Mojo Mums had to say...



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  • Construction Photography

    My brief in particular for these pictures was to "avoid close ups of door knobs" the purpose of this set of commercial photographs is to show what the construction company is capable of, keeping the photography simple but professional, enabling the client to easily display their areas of expertise. The clean lines of this recently completed office refurbishment was my focus and displaying the attention to detail that had gone into the job.



  • Product/Pack Shots

    One of the reasons I love doing what I do, is because of the versatility. Todays challenge was to produce some product shots, or as more widely referred to, pack shots.

    It was different, there was no one to chat to and I didn’t need to relax the product but I did find myself permanently tweaking, tweaking til I couldn’t tweak no more.

    Anyway I am pleased with the final result.



  • Heads Head Shots

    Head Shots for Head! Confused? Let me explain.

    Have just completed this photo session for my daughters previous Headmistress. Who, incidently, has always been involved with acting and was interested in having some up-dated Head Shots.

    The challenge here was to breakdown our previous barriers of “pupils parent and Headmistress” and as photographer relax, coax out, and present the other side of Sharon McGregor. This actually proved to be a very simple task and we easily managed to get a great range of images, showing different sides to Sharons character.



  • Images for PR

    Here are some shots I’ve taken of a good friend of mine Kate. She needed some images for her current PR campaign.

    Kate is a very busy lady. She has so much going on, I honestly don’t know how she fits it all in. She has specialised in biodynamic massage for the past 20 years. She runs PAPA a local group of predominately women, who have their own businesses aimed at helping pregnant women and families.

    She also has another few strings to her bow, she has established Fruit Nation where she helps small business set up and manage their own websites and social media.

    You can find out some more about Kate on the following links:






  • Head Shots/Portrait

    Have produced some photo's for Linda Hinshelwood, local Reflexologist and Healer, who also practises Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy, check out her site her http://reflexologyandhealing.co.uk/

    Linda needed some update images of herself for use on her website and social media profile pages.

    A morning well spent... I learnt a thing or two, Linda is an interesting, fun lady, who certainly knows her stuff.


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